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Frequently Asked Questions

answers to frequently asked questions about paper shredding in Portland, OR

Why use a shredding service instead of using our own shredder? 
Money! It will cost you 3 to 5 times more to use a shredding machine than to hire a shredding service. The cost of the shredder, labor cost, office space, maintenance, power cost, and disposal cost all add up to much more than we charge. All the work is done for you by the best local companies. If you shred just 1-2 cases of paper per month, a shredding service will save you money.

How do you ensure the security of our documents? 
All material is shredded at your location or at a secure off-site facility. 

Do we need to remove paper clips and staples? 
No. Mobile equipment shreds up to 3 tons of paper per hour and can shred any paper. Plus your employees can focus on their job, not shredding. 

Do you recycle? 
Yes, where possible. Some paper cannot be recycled due to plastic or metal in the paper.

How do you charge for your services? 
The fee is largely determined by the quantity of material shredded, not by the minute. So you’ll always know what your fee is based on what you have to be destroyed.

How is the paper strip shredded? 
Our partners use a variety of methods but the most common is called pierce and tear. 

Are there any restrictions about what we can we put in the security containers? 
No. Any color or type of paper, including paper clips, staples, rubber bands, labels, and file tabs are OK.

What is hard drive destruction?

Hard drive destruction is the process of physically destroying a hard drive to render the data stored on it irrecoverable. This ensures that sensitive information cannot be accessed or retrieved by unauthorized individuals.

Learn more about hard drive destruction

Why is hard drive destruction necessary?

Hard drive destruction is necessary to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data, such as personal information, financial records, or confidential business data. Simply deleting files or formatting the drive may not completely erase the data, leaving it vulnerable to retrieval using specialized software or techniques.

What methods are used for hard drive destruction?

There are several methods for hard drive destruction, including physical destruction, degaussing, and shredding. Physical destruction involves physically damaging the hard drive beyond repair, such as crushing, shredding, or disintegrating it. Degaussing uses a powerful magnetic field to erase data from the drive, while shredding involves cutting the drive into small pieces.

Can I destroy hard drives myself?

While it is possible to physically destroy hard drives using tools such as drills, hammers, or even fire, professional hard drive destruction services offer a higher level of security and compliance. DIY methods may not completely destroy the data or could pose safety risks if not handled properly.

How much does hard drive destruction cost?

Most hard drive shredding services cost between $4-$12 per drive

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